Mooncake LP

We had to keep it behind barrier tape, but now the result of many hours of work, of sweat and of tears will be yours to listen to.
Our first album releases today!

Everyone’s messages have been so nice and we received a lot of supportive feedback from friends, fellow DJs, and radio stations around the world.

A few people need to mentioned here – couldn’t have done it without you.
Thanks so much for spending your energy, creativity, and time on this project:

Photography: Franziska Brodhun
Mixing: Tom Hessler
Design: Judith Gärtner
Mastering: Stefan Eichinger
Hair+Makeup: Claudia Plath
Promotion: Silentshout Communications
Location: Nachtasyl / Thalia Theater

The „Mooncake“ vinyl is ready as well, looking all shiny + sounding crisp. Order via our Bandcamp to get it early and directly from us.