Why are there three people dancing in the DJ booth, you may have asked yourself. But anyone who has experienced RSS Disco live will hear and see: every hand has a task in threading the seams of their genre-spanning sets. RSS Disco have become synonymous with euphoric experiences for festival & club audiences all over Europe. Coming from a background of house and techno they use their straws to slurp across (and to the very bottom of) the cosmic melange that is music. Just add a cocktail umbrella for mixing. The trio, who learned to dance to electronic music in Hamburg, stand for synthesizer disco, acid-dripping house and psychedelic techno like few other electronic musicians. They bring a sparkle that never feels made up.

They play big indie festivals as well as Ibiza, dark clubs as well as small dusty dancefloors by lakes. They release mixes for Dublab Radio in Los Angeles, ARTE Concert, or The Lot Radio from New York. Their live recordings or remixes for Tomemitsu, Keshavara, Rupa or Fotos have hundreds of thousands of clicks. And their version of „Les Taxis Pour Les Galaxies / Le Vent Nous Portera“ is already a classic and will never stop generating goosebumps on dance floors all over the world.

Off the dance floor they also keep busy, running their Label Mireia Records with releases by artists like Johannes Klingebiel, Tomemitsu, Das Komplex, Johannes Klingebiel, Jacques Bon, Zombies in Miami, Casino Times or Lauer and Erobique. The label’s aesthetic is grounded in DIY design principles: vinyl records are mostly screen printed, stamped and often become sought after limited editions.