• Ancient Future Now reaches the jinxed number 013 and welcomes Matt Bruce aka Vanity Project to their circles for necessary celebratory exercitations. Matt is also known for flooding the subcultures with tasteful housey explorations via […]

  • RSS Disco live at Fusion Festival 2023

    Fusion Festival 2023 / three hours at Bachstelzen Sunday night Starting up in the darkness with hypnotic and percussive tracks and slowly spiraling into joy-soaked, melodic territory with the sun coming up felt so satisfying. […]

  • Summermix #15

    Here we go! It’s your pool-splashing, iced drink-slurping, flower-sniffing gang called RSS Disco. Again, with a bouquet of songs ranging from melancholic moments in the shade to temperate bliss. This year’s mix sports an unusually […]

  • RSS Disco – Mooncake Interpretations

      It’s been a few months already since the release of Mooncake. To accompany the album, RSS cherry-picked some of their favorite people in music today for remixes. The results are unique, each in their […]

  • Heimlich Podcast #84

    Thank you gang of lovely humans called Heimlich for having us on the show! Heimlich Podcast #84 is up there on the sound cloud and we hope you enjoy the ride.

  • Mooncake Disco

    The allnighty Mooncake Disco – aka Mooncake release pt. 3 Saturday at Nachtasyl here’s the details:October 15thallnightlong, starts at 23hadults, ausschweifung & cremante  We have waited for this night! Feels like forever ago that we spent some carefree […]