RSS Disco „Concerned Burners“ (incl. Keshavara Remix)

Mireia Records 255, October 2022

RSS Disco „Mooncake LP“

Mireia Records 25, September 2022

RSS Disco „Mooncake“ (incl. Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Mireia Records, July 2022

RSS Disco „Blizer“ (incl. Julian Stetter Remix)

Mireia Records, June 2022

RSS Disco „Mooncake Interpretations Pt. 1“ (incl. Johanna Knutsson & Johannes Klingebiel Remixes)

Mireia Records, May 2022

RSS Disco „Tan Lines & Fizzy Wine“ (incl. Magic Jams Remix)

Mireia Records, April 2022

Somebody Told Me (RSS Disco’s Clandestine Dub)

Magic Wand 017, March 2022

Aussteiger – Pacific Green (RSS Disco Remix)

Dub Disco, February 2022

Guuse & Magic Jams – I Am The Desert (RSS Disco’s Scirocco Mix)

The Magic Movement, January 2022

Romanski – Ammering (RSS Disco Remix)

Wonder Music, December 2021

Fotos – Ausflug (RSS Disco Remix)

PIAS, June 2021

Keshavara – Popcorn Mind (RSS Disco Remix)

Papercup Records, February 2021

Lakeshouse – Folkemusikk (RSS Disco Remix)

Paper Disco, February 2021

RSS Disco „Lunar Fling Remixes“

Mireia Records, March 2020

RSS Disco „Lunar Fling“

Mireia Records, December 2019

Pin Up Club “Dilapidated” (RSS Disco Remix)

Mireia Records, November 2018

Johannes Klingebiel ”All Around Me” (RSS Disco’s All Over You Mix)

Ancient Future Now, April 2018

Rupa “Aaj Shanibar” (RSS Disco’s Vison)

Vular Records, January 2018

RSS Disco “We’ll Sea”

Mireia Records 07, September 2017

Tomemitsu „In Dreams“ (RSS Disco Remix)

Mireia Records 05, October 2016

RSS Disco „Dove“

Hafendisco 31, March 2016

Ya Tosiba – Mollah The Machine Remixes

„Masin“ (RSS Disco remix)

Mireia 03 / Pingipung 49, April 2015

RSS Disco “Very 2” EP

RSS Discovery 02, March 2014

Das Hobos – “White Lines (RSS Disco Remix)”

7” limited to 72 copies, April 2014

Deo & Z-Man “Tales of love” EP

“Tales of love (RSS Disco remix)”

Hafendisko 07, August 2013

Springintgut “Where we need no map remixes” EP

“Bangalore Kids (RSS Disco remix)”

Pingipung 38, July 2013

RSS Disco “Very” EP

RSS Discovery 01, Autumn 2012

Sven Kacirek “Scarlet Pitch Dreams remixes” EP

“Scarlet Pitch Dreams (RSS Disco & Sugarwater Remix)”

Pingipung 35, 2012

RSS Disco & Sugarwater – Lovebird EP

Mireia 01, 2011