Ancient Future Now reaches the jinxed number 013 and welcomes Matt Bruce aka Vanity Project to their circles for necessary celebratory exercitations. Matt is also known for flooding the subcultures with tasteful housey explorations via his own label Claptrap, and tasteful housey explorations he does bring here indeed. Juicy poly synths, thick piano chord loops, rubbery 303s, phat claps – you name it, it’s all in there! But don’t be fooled by these attributes, which basically constitute any given classic house track – this is not some arbitrary ordinary sleep house. It’s delicately arranged, on point and very… Vanity Project! And yes, of course, it’s groovy like hell! We thought that goes without saying.

The EP is rounded off by two very different and very fun remixes by bestie armada RSS Disco and Conga Fever. The former pull all the stops of their beloved summer festival DJ sets and create a disco house beast, that sounds like a love-child of LCD Soundsystem and Prins Thomas. The latter invites us to a supremely tasteful downtempo dub house excursion, including melting organ chords, acoustic drum grooves and dreamy guitar melodies.