RSS Disco – Lunar Fling [Mireia Records]

A ‘Lunar Fling’? A bit like a casual fling here on planet earth – all saucy, footloose and carefree – but way more cosmic and rocket-fuelled. Sexy, physical and full of all kinds of lost-in-the-moment promises, a ‘Lunar Fling’ is the best fun you can have with your clothes on or off. And this is the soundtrack… „RSS Disco have …

rssdiscoRSS Disco – Lunar Fling [Mireia Records]

Uncanny Valley Podcast

words & music smoke & leaves dub & rave  much love to Uncanny Valley for having us! Interview: iTunes: Soundcloud: And high five GROOVE-Magazin, big thanks for nominating our Uncanny Valley podcast as one of this month’s best five mixes. Also please head over to Groove’s website, a real and thoughtful article accompanies the selections, which is an absolute breath of fresh air in today’s state of music …

rssdiscoUncanny Valley Podcast

Recording from Fusion Festival 2019

We’re back from Fusion Festival and it was all (more!) we imagined.Sorry for sounding overly-affectionate here but it’s very real. A couple of days of mini-utopia, shared with good people.It was a sweaty pleasure to soundtrack the 37° heat on Sunday evening. Big thanks to dancers, stage divers & Seebühne crew for making it happen!Bubbly refreshment drinks got spilled all …

rssdiscoRecording from Fusion Festival 2019

Monticule x Rinse France Takeover

SUN in the sky and on the airwaves as well.Our one hour radio mix for the Monticule Festival x Rinse France takeover.

rssdiscoMonticule x Rinse France Takeover

Monticule Festival 2019

Monticule Festival anticipation is picking up steam: Ransom Note gathered 8 tracks that present a pretty broad variety of interesting music being played at the festival and included our „Masin“ remix. high five!

rssdiscoMonticule Festival 2019

Pingipung Podcast #1∞

Today we’re serenading the centenarians of Pingipung Records! Longtime friends who release great records and curate an impeccable mix series as well. To celebrate mix No. 100 we’ve selected a bunch of luscious/dusty/atmospheric records and poured it in a mix that’s also a ∞ loop.Happy 1∞ from the lazy eights of RSS!

rssdiscoPingipung Podcast #1∞

This is us

We had a very nice talk about all things label/music/life related with LIQUID YOUTH aaaand also recorded a mix compiled from our own releases. Lots of fine memories in sonic wave form plus two especially exciting sneak peaks of upcoming records.yours, RSS aka Natalie, Falk & Max much love to: Conga Fever, Johannes Klingebiel, Pin Up Club, Julian Stetter, Das Komplex, Manuel Binder, Filburt, Good Guy Mikesh, THE BUILDING

rssdiscoThis is us

Live from Fusion Festival 2016

Disco Heroes #FusionFestival #ФУЗИОН #RssDisco #Sonnendeck A photo posted by The life of lori (@lorizon) on Jul 3, 2016 at 4:51am PDT Usually we tend to not record our sets because we think the music is meant for a specific space and time and especially for certain people. But we made an exception and recorded this year’s set at the …

FalkLive from Fusion Festival 2016