„Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.“

Greatest Shows On Earth

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  •   It’s been a few months already since the release of Mooncake. To accompany the album, RSS cherry-picked some of their favorite people in music today for remixes. The results are unique, each in their […]

  • Thank you gang of lovely humans called Heimlich for having us on the show! Heimlich Podcast #84 is up there on the sound cloud and we hope you enjoy the ride.

  • The allnighty Mooncake Disco – aka Mooncake release pt. 3 Saturday at Nachtasyl here’s the details:October 15thallnightlong, starts at 23hadults, ausschweifung & cremante  We have waited for this night! Feels like forever ago that we spent some carefree […]

  • New single out todaaay! Riding a glistening kaleidoscope, Keshavara transform our song „Concerned Burners“ into a psychedelic-world-pop groover. Multi layered, frisky & uplifting. We love love love it. The song is premiereing on Gouranga now […]

  • Did you know there’s a forest on the dark side of the moon? We’ve been there, and you won’t believe what we’ve encountered.Luckily, we brought the filmmaker Lars Zimmermann with us to chronicle our adventures.The […]

  • Some excerpts: GROOVE „RSS Disco know better then most how to make danceable, underground Popmusic that looks beyond the garden fence.“ Also, supposedly we’re“remix machines“ – did not realize this before Freitagsmedien: „Like prescribing Prince […]